Steamed Asparagus

It is kind of a no brainer, but I am adding this.  Asparagus goes from raw to mush very quickly, so I like to steam mine.  I don’t use a traditional steamer because it seems to get things more mushy.  And there is little I like less than mushy vegetables.

Serve asparagus with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, plain or with a cheese or cream sauce.

  • Cut the ends off of your asparagus stalks, even if you purchased them cut.
  • Wash them in cold water and lay them in your metal colander or steam pot.
  • Add only enough water to the pot or to a large pot that your colander can rest inside of, to fill it about 1 – 2 inches from the bottom.
  • Crack sea salt evenly over the stalks and place on the lid.
  • Allow the water to boil for about ten minutes.
  • Your finished asparagus should be firm and hold its shape but depress easily when you press on it.


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