Porkie Pie

I have a fondness for all things British, a professed Anglophile I am.  But, the cuisine is typically rather bland and not terribly creative or appealing to look at.  It certainly is not as colourful as the Italian dishes I enjoy so much.  Every now and then though I find a recipe that is hearty and tasty.  This dish is a standard British meat pie and can be eaten cold or hot, though I prefer it hot.  The flavour of the apples gives it a sweet and unique taste that sets it a bit apart from some other meat pies.  It’s basically a blend of mash and pork in a pie.

pork pie36Ingredients

10 ounces boneless pork, diced

2 – 3 medium apples, peeled and diced

4 – 5 baking potatoes, peeled and quartered

8 Tablespoons butter

Pie Crust for base and top


  • In a heavy pot over low heat, melt 4 Tablespoons of butter.
  • Add in pork and apples.
  • Boil potatoes until tender.
  • Drain and mash potatoes with a hand beater or potato masher, do not add liquid.
  • Add in pork and apples and beat until smooth.
  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees F.
  • Lay pie dough in 8 – 9 inch pie dish.  Press firmly but gently to reduce air pockets.
  • Pat mashed mixture into pie shell firmly, it will fill the dish fully for a 9 inch pie pan.
  • Lay top dough piece over and seal the pie shell.
  • Use a fork to seal and create air vents in the top crust.
  • Melt remaining butter and baste pie crust.
  • Bake for thirty minutes, basting often to prevent burning.
  • Cool and serve.

pork pie1pork pie6pork pie13pork pie16pork pie28pork pie32


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