I had a strange hankering the other day for gyros and set about to make them.  When I lived in the suburbs of Chicago, gyros were a weakness I hit up about once a week.  Prior to moving there, I had never tried them, and since moving away, finding any near as good has not happened.  Most generally gyros are served with a cucumber yogurt blend, but amazingly, every grocery store I went to was out of cucumbers, so I settled for sour cream.  Also, you can use Steak-Um style beef instead of luncheon meat, it really is up to you.


4 fresh lemons

1 pound roast beef, deli thickness

2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

4 Tablespoons vinaigrette

1 Tablespoon fresh ground black pepper

2 – 3 fresh Roma tomatoes

1 small white onion

4 pita loafs


  • Hand tear roast beef into half inch strips, and layer into a oven-safe dish.
  • Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees F.
  • Using a juicer or by hand, squeeze lemon juice from lemons.  Remove seeds and place juice into a mixing bowl.
  • Rub about one spoonful of zest from the skin into bowl.
  • Add pepper, oil and vinaigrette to bowl.
  • Stir with a fork and pour over the meat.
  • Cover tightly with aluminium foil and place into oven for one hour.
  • Individually wrap each pita with aluminium foil and place in oven for fifteen minutes.
  • Chop tomatoes and onions, toss together in bowl.
  • Slice pita in half and use a fork to split open to form pockets.
  • Stuff each half with a heaping spoonful of meat mixture and a spoonful of tomato mixture.
  • Serve.




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